Work Samples

Few UX engagement covers just one area: UX researchers ideally collaborate with designers, information architects, content strategists, and the same goes for all the other experts of the process. Stakeholders, especially the intended customers/clients are just as much part of the work as any person with a UX title. With that said, it is somewhat arbitrary where I draw the line between research versus IA, or design, however, I need to create some system of the work samples included here.

My PDF Portfolio provides a quick overview of my skillset and experience.

UX Research

My research work includes projects retail, grocery, banking, social media, VR, and the automotive industry, both customer- and internal facing, enterprise software. While the variety seems daunting, humans tend to make similar mental shortcuts, no matter the context. 

  1. Usability Testing 
  2. Information Architecture Research –
    1. Standard Treetesting
    2. Sequential Cardsorting
  3. Concept Testing:
    1. IDI (in-depth interviews)
    2. Diary studies 
  4. Journey and Ecological mapping
  5. Desk Research
    1. A primer on Involving minors in UX Research
    2. Gen Z for product developers
  6. Reporting
    1. Same Day Research Findings   (a.k.a 10 Key Takeaways)
    2. Detailed Findings
    3. User Journeys

UX Design

  1. Hackathon work – Hack the Gap
  2. User Interface Design

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