I was born into a teaching family – my parents stayed up late most nights to grade or prepare for their classes. When deciding what to do as a grown up, first I went for the obvious choices of becoming either a rock star or a laundress so as to escape the demands of preschool:-) And then of course, a teacher.

I never liked to be the oracle, because I was not one. That has not changed. I used to help help teachers-in-training become better at their craft, and boy, what a fulfilling (though lowly paid) job that was!

Since I have “officially” become a UX researcher, I again felt empowered to show a way of doing research, or pass on a resource that I found especially helpful to shape my thinking / skillset. And again, what a meaningful way of spending some of my time it is! Especially during a recession imposed sabbatical!

Through ADPlist’s platform, I have got to meet people from six countries, at various stages of their careers. I really enjoy talking to them, and I know both sides of the conversation walk away richer at the end of each session.

certificate for 500 Mentorship Minutes completed

What I have learned so far?

  • Probably not a surprise that others have the same kinds of insecurity and confusion I had at the beginning of my career, no matter which continent they reside on.
  • that many stakeholders still consider UX research a luxury, something you do when you have a lot of time and money and getting buy-in is a crucial tool you need to have
  • more to come …

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