UX Research is not a one-time thing

I have come across this, in my opinion, flawed diagram on ADOBE”s blog called A Comprehensive Guide to U

X Research.  It is a circle, and so the idea is that this is the flow of an iterative process, with research starting the flow of design, prototyping, building, testing an back to research. And I am fine with iterative processes Рthat is a cornerstone of all good designing (a verb, not a noun).

The diagram suggests a very expensive and inefficient way of product design – how many hours will it take to prototype and build something only to realize that it won’t work? Or won’t work the way you had hoped it would?

If building is a separate step from prototyping, then building means coding? What does it mean? And with the plethora of tools Adobe enables designers to use – one of them being XD that this article is supposed to promote, then why not use rapid prototyping and just test it, for god’s sake! Gather feedback from potential users! Gain insights¬†as soon and as fast as you can!

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