Sales Funnel Serves Sales People, Not Users

I have experienced several digital projects this past year where the expressed business goal was to get users to get into the sales funnel as fast as possible. And that is problematic because users do not want to be “funneled”.

The easiest way to do that is to get them to fill out a form with their name, email address, and phone number on the website, as soon as the visitor arrives. Granted, there may be “token”contact form with name, email, phone number, etc information pages,  but it is transparent to most users that they this is not a fair deal, and are only willing to do so if they have already made up their mind to work with that company, and are not really looking for any information.  Basically, when the intent behind visiting a website is to hand over your business card.

Interviews I conducted with potential clients clearly show that most users visit a vendor’s website to learn more about the product, see how it works and to decide whether it fits into their budget.

I’d rather go to a different bank than give out my personal information on their website. Then they would just call me all the time and try to talk me into stuff

They do not want to expose themselves to an unwanted sales call. Unless the vendor first earns their trust and does something for the client first. 

That’s how business needs meet user needs. 

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