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I am not a blogging kind of person, but I want to keep track of good and thought-provoking ideas. Ideas come in all shapes – visual, readings, reactions, what not. So this is more of a notebook than anything. With that big bang announcement, let me get started.

I have been looking a t websites and everyday objects very differently since i started to immerse myself in UX design. I find it fascinating how (at least in my case) learning leads to a change in the lens we are perceiving the world through, as opposed to knowledge that you can recall and reproduce. I admire people who can recall things they read (for example my mother) and walk someone through the author’s train of thought. Puzzling to me how that works, what cognitive processes lie beneath that. But back to my main point here: I have been noticing good and less than ideal solutions to design problems.

An often lambasted feature of web sites modified to mobile phones is the hamburger menu. For a lot of users (including myself at first), it is not obvious what you need to do with it. That changes with experience, of course, we learn to click on the set of three vertical lines that look like a hamburger patty between two slices of a bun. Then I came across an elegant solution onĀ The Loft Literary Center‘s mobile site.

loft (1)Loft_close

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