Hi, and welcome. You must be looking at some UX portfolios to have landed on this page. So, yes, here is some of my work, though the ones I am most excited about are fruits of collaboration that are sadly not available for a private portfolio.  

My professional profile

I am a well-rounded UX professional with a T-shaped skill set of all matters of user-focused design: with an understanding of a wide range of UX disciplines (e.g., user interface development, content strategy), and in-depth knowledge of the areas below:

  • WCAG 2.1 – Digital Accessibility
  • UX research (both generative and evaluative)
    • contextual inquiry
    • remote and in-person usability testing and in-depth interviews
    • diary studies
    • surveys
    • sequential and hierarchical card sorting
  • interaction design
  • information architecture
    • wireframes
    • taxonomies

I am both creative and analytical, with a strong background in qualitative and quantitative data analysis. I am passionate about making processes and interfaces relevant to the user in context (sometimes you want to slow your user down so that they avoid making a bad decision).

I have worked for small businesses, artists, Fortune 500 companies, banks, digital agencies and educational institutions. My experience includes working on mobile, ATM, and web, and in-person interaction design.

What you can find on this website: I highly respect my clients and would not want to share work protected by non-disclosure agreements, so the samples I can display are from my volunteer projects and “abstractions” of paid work.  Should you want to see more artifacts, I am happy to share them with you in person and walk you through my work process and my design decisions.

I get excited about interesting assignments and always ready to grab coffee and chat. Feel free to reach out to me at akiss2115@gmail.com.

That is the official part – but if you want to know what I am like, read on.

Personal part

Most teams’ success depend on the soft skills of their team members, so I think it is fair game to learn about the personality of people joining. With that said, I don’t believe in needing “a good fit”. Why? Because that normally means “more of the same” – which is quite relaxing, however, not fit for UX work, where the goal is to embrace the diversity of users and help ALL of them use your services, and not just on the happy path customers.

I am more on the nerdy side, with a weird sense of humor, having grown up in Hungary. I love learning and connecting disparate areas of knowledge. In the last three months, I have

  • attended 5 conferences
  • listened to countless webinars and podcasts
  • earned a nanodegree in Programming for Data Science
  • sewn at least 100 face masks for donations
  • got into woodworking and furniture construction
  • destructed a lot of creeping charlies, while growing some tomato and cucumber plants
  • played a lot of board games (Smash Up fans, here I come)
  • read some great books

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