Work Samples

Current Work 

  1. Community Solar Garden Website

    – this page includes work on UX research, business goals, competitive analysis, and IA (including wireframes)

  2. Portal and Calendar solution for people with ADHD

If you start by saying “we’re going to design an app that does x” rather than “we’re going to solve x for this set of people” you’ve already taken the perspective of the machine. Erika Hall from Mule

We want to be productive, and a lot of time our clients want to see something tangible and visual. Nothing wrong with that. BUT, without understanding the problem space, and your stakeholders (the ones not paying for your work) in it, you cannot solve a problem, just make a different decoration on a broken drywall. For this reason, my process goes like this:

  1. Exploratory Research
    1. defining the problem space, defining the problem through observations and talking to stakeholders
    2. gathering intel on constraints
    3. doing competitive analysis


Visual Design



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