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We all are looking for our peeps and while we do meet a lot of people, you are really lucky if you find the community that speaks your language, that challenges and comforts you, depending on what you need. The idea to find a “connection platform”, a dating place for writers and illustrators came from my artist son, a kid who struggles to find people like him.  Kids who are more interested in drawing weird creatures than, say, baseball.

So I started to think about a service where visual artists and writers can find each other to collaborate on projects. Check it out my ideas if you are interested. Feedback and comments are appreciated.

Community Solar Garden

Informational website for campaigning for community solar gardens for MNIPL. This work started with a hackathon of ideation and wireframing.  Digging deeper into the work I realized that first, you need to thoroughly understand the problem space, the context, and the content before you can sketch anything.

Learn more about my process at Solar Garden Work.

Focus with ADHD/ADD

Initiative to reduce stigma for people with disabilities, and make employment opportunities more accessible to them is the challenge we have taken on when working on a design thinking course in our mentorship program. As a newb to UX, I had an amazing mentor. I benefited greatly from Anita’s push to start doing things  (as opposed to just learning), and from her thought-provoking questions. I am passing this on by organizing the UXPA- MN mentoring program, and co-mentoring a couple of great UX-ers.
Our group decided to work with’s Human Centered Design course for Social Innovation.  Our project focuses on people with ADHD and ADD who work in front of a screen.

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